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The single most aging aspect of your smile is the colour of your teeth. Dull, yellow or stained teeth give the appearance of a more advanced age.

Teeth whitening is a quick and effective way to:

– Get three to four shades lighter
– Reduce everyday stains
– Enhance your smile
– Boost of confidence!

Note – if you have implants or veneers, they won’t lighten.

150 Rivonia Road, Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa

Why choose thinc sandton?

Our treatment:
– Is relatively non-invasive
– 2 hour treatment for 4 Sessions
– Shows instant results
– Uses leading LED technology

Frequently asked questions

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A Bleaching agent breaks up stains, resulting in a whiter smile.

Yes, when supervised by a dental professional such as our Orla Hygienist

Results vary but can last for many months with proper care.

Temporary sensitivity or gum irritation may occur.

Yes, professional whitening offers more predictable results.

Approximately 2 hours for the in-cahir teeth whitening treatment and 45 Minutes for a Deluxe Cean

No- if you have implants or crowns, veneers or bondings, they won’t lighten as natural teeth do.

How can we help you?

Take home whitening kit

We also offer convenient home whitening kits which offer amazing results, with limited sensitivity. We’ll need our dental team to assess whether you are suitable for whitening, if so, you’ll need a 30-minute appointment to make impression trays. Collection of whitening trays and gel is within 3-4 working days, alternatively we can arrange convenient delivery. Separate pricing applies.

Take Home Pricing:
Price: R3800

What our clients say

Edward Van Helsdingen

Visit with – Oral Hygienist – Thuli – I love cleaning my teeth and Thuli understands my needs, the experience was very comfortable and she was super gentle and professional.

The building is beautiful and the whole team is friendly and professional highly recommend a visit to THINCSANDTON

Vidhya Dayalall

What an incredible experience by this fantastic team! Everyone was so warm and welcoming when I arrived. I’ve been to other places before and never have I felt this calm and relaxed during a dental visit. I really had an amazing experience with Thuli who took her utmost care of me. She was gentle and very friendly, and made me feel so comfortable and cosy that I almost had fallen asleep. She advises well and pays attention to her client. It’s always the finer details that matter to me and this wonderful team has clearly ticked that box with me. Will definetly be back again soon!


Oral Hygienist – Thuli. She was amazing. Friendly, knowledgeable and explained every observation and step of the cleaning process. Professional, gentle and answered all my questions during the process.

Other services

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Combining oral health and facially guided digital aesthetics together with the very latest in dental technology, we are equipped to design your unique natural-looking smile.


Our facially guided aligner treatments are unique to The Thinc Clinic. We design your ideal smile using Digital Smile Design technology.


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One of the greatest advancements in dental technology – laser dentistry offers gum lightening, precise gum contouring and reduced recovery time.


Our paediatric check-ups and treatments are designed to be anything but intimidating – your children will enjoy visiting us.


Teeth whitening is a quick and effective way to get shades lighter, enhancing your smile, making you look and feel younger.

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