Paediatric Dentistry

Patience with our little patients

At Thinc Dental introducing your child to oral health care practices and procedures need not be a scary event. Our paediatric check-ups and treatments are designed to be anything but intimidating – your children will enjoy visiting us.

Check up and cleans

From a young age, children should have a dental check-ups and polish to ensure clean healthy teeth, building up to full cleans and dental check-ups.

A good relationship with the dentist can lead to a lifelong good oral health for your child. Our paediatric check-ups and treatments are designed to be anything but intimidating.

We take our time with the child to educate them on dental care and treatments, encouraging responsibility, this gets them interested and invested in the ideas of  to taking care of their teeth.

Pain free fillings

If a child does need to have a filling, we have a pain free solution – free of needles, drills or scary apparatus. The Waterlase system is an excellent option for children who are afraid or apprehensive.

Advantages of laser dentistry for children include:
TOOTH CONSERVATION : Conservation of more of the tooth – laser dentistry is very precise, and we only laser drill the affected part of the tooth.
NO NEEDLE: Less need for injections and the dreaded needle!
NO CONVENTIONAL DRILLS: The Waterlase laser replaces the need for a drill, ensuring a less stressful experience for our little patients.


If your child requires orthodontic treatment, we offer a range of the latest orthodontic techniques as well as a consulting specialist orthodontist.


Our team of specialist anaesthetists  are available for children who may need sedation.

Large Molar & Front Teeth Fillings
Broken Teeth
Metal Based Ceramic Crowns

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