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Our facially guided aligner treatments are unique to The Thinc Clinic. We design your ideal smile using Digital Smile Design technology. We then incorporate aligner therapy to position your teeth in the correct position based on your face.
We begin with the end in mind, and incorporate whitening, bonding and ceramics as needed after aligning your teeth to give you your bespoke and natural smile.

Active Aligners are clear aligners that have been developed specifically for aligning your teeth in a predictable, smooth, clear and comfortable manner. Instead of metal brackets, wires or screws, you’ll be wearing a thermoplastic material to achieve your desired results – while going unnoticed by the people around you. Active Aligners work on basic orthodontic principles. They are used for the correction of crooked teeth, gaps or rotation, while achieving the desired results in an organized and planned fashion. These customized trays are “invisible” and move the tooth in the desired direction. This is achieved through wearing a series of Active Aligners, each for 22 hours a day, 1 to 2 weeks at a time (one stage), which move the teeth per stage until their optimal alignment
has been reached.

Step 1

First impressions don’t always have to last.
Visit a Thin Clinic practitioner for an initial consultation inclusive of a 3D scan and photographs at The Thinc Clinic.

Step 2

Get your smile perfectly aligned
Once your treatment plan and simulated best or optimal smiles is approved by your Thin Clinic practitioner, your Aligners will be manufactured and ready for collection in approximately 2 weeks.

Step 3

Keep your new smile forever!
After your aligner journey keep your new smile by wearing the retainers included in your pack. Discuss your oral hygiene maintenance appointments with the hygiene team at The Thinc Clinic.

Benefits of Active aligners

Improved Oral Hygiene 
No Dietary Restrictions 
Premium Material and Polymer Technology

How do you get started?

Book a consultation by calling us on 011 326 5814 or by booking via our website

(CONSULT PRICE: R3500 upwards. Enquire about our payment plans)

In your consultation you will have a number of assessments done such as a variety of scans, photo’s, videos and intra oral assessment.

You will receive your personal treatment plan and your new smile journey will begin!

(COST OF TREATMENT: R35K upwards, case dependent)

Frequently asked questions

You may book via various platforms:

Clear, removable trays that straighten teeth naturally.

The transparent aligners apply gentle forces to shift teeth gradually.

Yes, for most cases except complex ones. (this will be advised in a formal consultation)

Yes, custom-made for a snug fit.

Several months  (case Dependent)

20-22 hours a day, removing for eating and oral hygiene.

Gently brush with lukewarm water, no toothpaste.

Initially, but most adjust quickly within a few days.

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