Laser dentistry

One of the greatest advancements in dental technology – laser dentistry offers gum lightening, precise gum contouring and reduced recovery time.


Laser dentistry has become one of the greatest advancements in dental technology to date, offering reduced healing time and the ability to treat all four quadrants of the mouth in a single appointment – reducing stress and chair time for patients. The availability of digital technology in South Africa positions Thinc Sandton to make treatment results tangible, allows our practitioners to produce results with low variability from the motivational treatment plan and places in our hands the ability to not only have a high level of quality control, but exact results.

The laser replaces the drill, meaning that the procedure is less invasive and therefore less stressful for the patient.
 Patients experience little to no pain or discomfort during or after Waterlase procedures. Dentistry and surgery is faster with better recovery, no swelling, bruising, antibiotics or painkillers are required in most cases. With this technology, patient treatment can be completed in less time and with no facial numbness.


If your gums bleed when you brush your teeth, you could be suffering from gingivitis – which can become a more serious case of periodontisis if left untreated. At Thinc Sandton we treat gingivitis using the most advanced combination of laser therapies, offering several advantages:

-Less bleeding and pain
-Targets affected gum tissue directly
-Faster healing
-Reduces loosening of teeth
-Encourages regeneration of bone and ligaments
-Gummy smile correct _ (lead this clickable link to our cosmetic dentist page where we talk about it)
-Gum Lightening/ Depigmentation

Frequently asked questions

You may book via various platforms:

 Yes, the first step would be to book a comprehensive consultation with one of our dentists.

From there we will be able to confirm a diagnosis for you.

Red, swollen gums, bleeding, bad breath, loose teeth.

Plaque buildup, poor oral hygiene, smoking, health conditions.

 Deep cleaning, antibiotics, gum surgery, advanced treatments.

Yes, with good oral hygiene and healthy habits.

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